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Keynote Speaker | Human Capital Expert | Bestselling Author | Building the bridge between science and practice | CEO Better Minds at Work | Doctor in Psychology | Professor Ghent University

“We need to refocus on what makes us unique as human beings, namely our brains. It gives me incredible satisfaction to inspire people in their quest for resilience and happiness. Ambitious organisations know that this is where the key to success lies: in continuing to strengthen their human capital and to make it agile.”

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Largest Conference for Human Resources Managers in Latvia
14-15 september 2023

Futureproof workplace in Nieuwegein
21 september 2023


Enthusiasm knows no boundaries. And that is why Elke has stood on platforms all over the world, from Kyoto to Cape Town, via Dubai and San Francisco. She is unparalleled in her ability to play to her audience and to captivate people with her very unique blend of expertise and humour. Her enthusiastic way of translating new academic insights into everyday practice leaves nobody unmoved and has already won her a lot of praise.

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Elke is the author of a number of bestsellers in which she uses her neuropsychological knowledge to create an impact on individuals and organisations.

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Trusted by many organizations

Powerful – loaded with applications and insights. Wonderful speaker! Professional, real and useful.

Genevieve DeschenesEvent Marketing Manager, Allianz Partners

This was the best 90 mins I have spent in years!

Yvonne MaloneDirector EMEA Talent and Organization, Abbott

Disruptive. That is probably the single best word to describe the impact of Elke. Authentic interaction, and a lot of smiles too.

Chris van HoofVP R&D, imec

Better Minds at Work

Your employees are your most important capital. Investing in their well-being and growth will create an upward spiral and put your organization on the map for the future. Elke Geraerts is CEO at Better Minds at Work. Through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and executive and other coaching, Better Minds at Work is fully committed to providing what is essential for the success of your organisation. This includes policy and strategy, well-being, vitality and enthusiasm, talent and competency development, and customer focus and productivity.

Our trademark? Translating scientific theories into a fresh and accessible day-to-day approach: from insight to impact. Because we want to make the difference and be the best at what we do.

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