Better Minds at Work

Better Minds at Work originated in 2014 from the conviction to create a positive impact on people and society. In the meantime, this internationally operating consultancy company has hit the mark. Since then, the Better Minds at Work team has made it a point of honor to strengthen the resilience and mental resilience of employees within all types of organization. Accompanied by a top team of experts, Better Minds at Work, led by Elke Geraerts, knows how to make a difference in this society with all its modern challenges.

The mission of
Better Minds at Work

“We target a positive impact on people and society. We strive for sustainable relationships with all stakeholders so as to create powerful and inspired circles that keep on widening. We want to connect and be connected.”

4 pillars

Better Minds at Work offers four different pillars that can be applied together or separately. We want to inspire your employees and encourage them to grow. We will be pleased to accompany you through transformation and will be your compass along the way. And lastly, but no less importantly, we want to form a community of like-minded people (to be). Because Better Minds think alike.

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