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Elke Geraerts
Doctor of psychology Elke Geraerts on the importance of a resilient brain

Also available in Dutch and Chinese

Better Minds

How insourcing strengthens resilience and empowers your brain

The burnout epidemic is taking on unseen proportions. Our hectic lives and ongoing digitization deeply challenge our brain, which is showing serious signs of neglect. But there is a solution: the greater your mental resilience, the better you are protected against stress, burnout and other mental problems. In this revelatory book, brain expert Elke Geraerts sets out the most important components of mental resilience on the basis of new insights from recent scientific research. She shows how we can better our minds, and how this helps us increase our own mental capital and that of our employees. The result is an absolute must-read for everyone who wants to prepare his or her brain for the challenges of the 21st century.

“We often forget to invest in our brain. This inspiring book gives us the incentive that we need for that. It is a brilliant guide that teaches us how to use the power to use our brain to protect creativity and build up resistance”
PETER HINSSEN, International keynote speaker & author

This book will prepare you for a more optimistic life with more control and less stress. It is a fantastic book: insightful, useful and up-to-date”
TONY CRABBE, International bestseller author

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The Mental Reset

How hybrid work and life increase your resilience

In her groundbreaking new book, Elke Geraerts gives you the tools you need to prepare for the many challenges that life and work have in store for us post-covid. In this book, she gives your brain a central role and teaches how to make brain-aware choices. She shows how hybrid work can lead to more productivity and more peace, how you can chase your dreams and how you can achieve real focus in a never-ending digital world. It will never be like before… and maybe fortunately so!

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This book is also available in Dutch

Elke Geraerts
What if you could stand stronger than ever after a crisis?